Artist Statement

Process 1As a light worker, I have chosen light as my medium, and I consider art creation to be a sacred practice. As an artist, I recognise the responsibility to use creativity for the benefit of all humanity. We are either going to wake up or burn to the ground; so I work in support of our spiritual evolution, with a clear intention to collaborate with our collective awakening. 

My work is a process of visual alchemy that transforms rubbish, and everyday material from ordinary into highly structured extraordinary. One of my many intentions is to show the profound beauty that lay hidden around us if we choose to assemble our reality in a certain way; viewed through a certain lens, and with a particular perspective. There is positivity and possibility in everything and I demonstrate that by presenting a beauty that’s not normally considered in a pile of junk. By using rubbish I am making a statement on the pollution we produce.  I set out to raise awareness on how we create for one time use; and I demonstrate creative alternatives, while having people consider how we use and consume products. 

I invite people to advance their consciousness by marveling at something they cannot fully understand or solve.  In exercising the imagination, we sharpen brain function, and develop psychic examination, which in turn cultivates heightened states of awareness. I deliver images that exist outside our spectrum of ordinary waking life that provide an opportunity to delve deep into the depths of one’s own true self. My intention is one of sensibility, growth, and enrichment. My goal is to help facilitate our spiritual expansion by elevating perceptions and using insight for our collective enrichment.